Tripura to Expand Fish Production Capabilities, Announces Minister Sudhangshu Das

Minister Sudhangshu Das

Tripura Fisheries Minister Sudhangshu Das announced on Thursday, June 13, that the department is operating in a mission mode to enhance fish production in the state. This initiative aims to meet the high demand for fish consumption and improve the state’s self-sufficiency in fish production.

Minister Das revealed that the Fisheries Department has identified several new sites across the state to expand fish farming activities. These sites have been selected based on their potential for high yield and suitability for aquaculture. “We are committed to boosting fish production in Tripura to ensure that we can meet the growing demand from our population,” said Das.

The minister highlighted that the state government is providing necessary support to fish farmers, including technical assistance and financial aid, to encourage the adoption of advanced fish farming techniques. By leveraging modern aquaculture practices, the state aims to significantly increase its fish output.

Das also mentioned that the department is working on improving the infrastructure for fish farming, including the development of new ponds and the renovation of existing ones. This infrastructural enhancement is crucial for creating an optimal environment for fish cultivation and ensuring sustainable production levels.

The initiative is part of a broader strategy to make Tripura self-reliant in fish production, reducing the dependency on fish imports from other states. “Our goal is not only to meet the local demand but also to explore opportunities for exporting fish to neighboring states and countries,” Das added.

Training programs and workshops are being organized for fish farmers to educate them about the latest techniques and best practices in fish farming. These efforts are aimed at enhancing the skills of the local fish farming community and increasing their productivity.

The minister expressed confidence that with the implementation of these measures, Tripura will witness a significant boost in fish production in the coming years. “We are dedicated to transforming Tripura into a leading state in fish production, ensuring that our citizens have access to fresh and high-quality fish,” he said.

The announcement has been welcomed by fish farmers and industry stakeholders, who are optimistic about the positive impact of these initiatives on the local economy and livelihoods. As the state moves forward with its mission to enhance fish production, the efforts of the Fisheries Department are expected to yield fruitful results.



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