Tripura’s Cricketing Gems Ignored in IPL – Why Did Manishankar Murasingh Go UnsoldTripura’s Cricketing Gems Ignored in IPL ?


In a surprising turn of events at the IPL auction 2023-24, Manishankar Murasingh, the talented cricketer from Tripura, remained unsold. However, his stellar performance in the recently concluded Vijay Hazare Trophy has raised eyebrows and questions about the selection process and the representation of players from North East India in the national and international cricketing arena.

Murasingh’s exceptional display in the Vijay Hazare Trophy showcased his cricketing prowess, notably defeating strong teams like Mumbai almost single-handedly. Despite his remarkable performance, the lack of interest from IPL franchises has left many cricket enthusiasts and supporters perplexed.

The big question that looms over the situation is whether the neglect of Murasingh’s talent in the IPL auction is linked to the region he hails from – North East India. Historically, this part of the country has struggled to garner national media attention, especially in promoting sports. The lack of visibility and representation in mainstream media for players from this region may be contributing to the oversight of their potential.

Another aspect to consider is Murasingh’s media presence, or rather, the perceived lack thereof. Unlike many cricketers who benefit from the services of PR agencies, Murasingh’s low-key approach to media relations could be a factor in his unnoticed stint in the IPL auction. In an age where visibility plays a crucial role in a player’s marketability, the absence of a robust media strategy might have hindered Murasingh’s chances of securing an IPL contract.

The Tripura Cricket Association and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are urged to review and reconsider the mechanisms in place for scouting talent from underrepresented regions. Murasingh’s case highlights the need for a more inclusive approach in recognizing and nurturing cricketing talent from all corners of the country.

Cricket enthusiasts and supporters from Tripura hope that Murasingh’s outstanding performance in the domestic circuit does not go unnoticed, and he gets the opportunities he rightfully deserves. As the cricketing community awaits answers, it is evident that discussions surrounding the IPL auction process and the representation of players from less-featured regions are far from over. The ball is now in the court of cricket authorities to address these concerns and ensure a fair and inclusive platform for all promising cricketers across the nation.



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