Tripura’s Mata Bari Peda and Rignai Awarded GI Tags

Bari Peda

Two iconic products originating from Tripura, namely Mata Bari Peda and Rignai, have recently been granted the prestigious Geographical Indications (GI) Tags. This recognition is a testament to their unique qualities and regional significance.

The GI Tag is a valuable intellectual property right that highlights the specific geographical origin of products and ensures their quality and authenticity. Mata Bari Peda, known for its delectable taste and traditional preparation methods, and Rignai, renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and cultural significance, have long been cherished by locals and enjoyed by visitors alike.

With the award of the GI Tags, Mata Bari Peda and Rignai are poised to gain wider recognition and protection against unauthorized imitation. This recognition will not only elevate their market presence but also safeguard their distinctiveness and heritage.

The GI Tags will enable producers of Mata Bari Peda and Rignai to leverage their unique geographical origin to attract consumers seeking authentic and high-quality products. It will also open up opportunities for these traditional products to expand into new markets, both nationally and internationally.

Moreover, the GI Tags will contribute to the economic development of Tripura by promoting these local products and supporting the livelihoods of artisans and producers involved in their manufacturing. This recognition will encourage investment in the preservation and promotion of traditional crafts and culinary traditions, fostering cultural heritage and sustainable development in the region.

The journey to securing GI Tags for Mata Bari Peda and Rignai reflects the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including local communities, government authorities, and industry associations. It underscores the importance of preserving and promoting indigenous knowledge and practices while embracing modern standards of quality and innovation.

The award of GI Tags to Mata Bari Peda and Rignai marks a significant milestone in recognizing and celebrating the cultural and economic value of these iconic products from Tripura. It represents a step forward in ensuring their continued prosperity and legacy for generations to come.



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