Truss to be Britain’s Next PM, Defeated India-Origin Sunak


The new Prime Minister of Britain has been announced. Liz Truss of the Conservative Party has become the new Prime Minister of Britain. She defeated Rishi Sunak of Indian origin. Truss has been elected as the new prime minister, replacing Boris Johnson. Truss and Sunak are both leaders of the Conservative Party. Truss will become prime minister on Tuesday after formal handover procedures.

Truss defeated Sunak by 20 thousand 987 votes
Truss, who was declared the Prime Minister of Britain, got 81,326 votes, while Rishi Sunak got 60,339 votes. Thus Truss won the Prime Ministerial race by defeating Sunak by 20,987 votes.

Truss will take steps to reduce electricity bills

Liz Truss has said that if she becomes prime minister, she will take steps to reduce electricity bills and increase electricity supply within a week. At the same time, Truss’s rival and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has said that he will cooperate with the new government in case of losing the election. It is clear from this that Sunak will continue to work in Britain as an MP.

At a time when Britain is grappling with fears of recession, record high inflation rates above 10 per cent and industrial unrest, the new prime minister will face the challenge of normalizing the situation.

Truss will take tough decisions to give impetus to the economy
Truss has said that she will also take many tough decisions to give impetus to the economy. In an article in the Sunday Telegraph, she said she would take necessary steps to ease everyday hardships faced by citizens and businesses. First of all, a strategy will be made for the coming cold season.