TSECL Cracks Down on Power Theft via Hooklines, Launches Field Operations with Police and TSR Forces


In a bid to curb power theft through hooklines, the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) has announced field operations in collaboration with police and TSR forces. The TSECL aims to snap all visible hooklines and ensure quality power supply while sensitizing the public about the importance of preserving and utilizing power efficiently. Those found guilty of illegal power usage through hooklines may face fines and imprisonment for up to two years upon proven charges in court. In contrast, consumers who pay their bills on time will receive incentives, which will be made known to them.

Efforts to curb hookline usage have been made in the past, with initiatives taken by former commissioner of AMC, Shailesh Yadav, to stop illegal hooklines in ‘Shani Mandirs’ across AMC areas. However, the impact has been limited as ‘Shani Mandirs’ continue to proliferate, backed by political support, and hookline usage remains rampant. The TSECL now aims to crack down on such misuse of power. Additionally, efforts are being made to recover outstanding bills from various government departments, including health, PWD, police, and others who owe substantial amounts to the TSECL.

Furthermore, the TSECL is also focusing on promoting renewable energy sources, such as solar power, in different parts of the state. An allocation of Rs 100 crores has been made for this initiative, signaling the TSECL’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions in Tripura. With these measures, the TSECL aims to combat power theft and promote responsible power consumption practices among consumers, while also exploring renewable energy options for a more sustainable future.



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