TSF’s 12-Hour Bandh Demands Kokborok in Roman Script


The Twipra Students Federation (TSF) orchestrated a 12-hour dawn-to-dusk bandh or strike, advocating for the adoption of the Roman script for the Kokborok language. Employing innovative guerrilla tactics, the TSF’s actions have gained widespread attention and temporarily paralyzed Agartala, the capital city.

The TSF’s strategic approach left the city stunned as their coordinated movement disrupted normalcy. The protest began with the assembly of TSF members at North Gate, progressing to the Abhoynagar bridge, and culminating at Buddha Mandir. This sequence of locations showcased their calculated strategy to maximize impact.

Simultaneously, mass protests and picketing reverberated across various places including Hathai Kotor Baramura, Hezamara, Manu, Bishramganj, Karamcherra, Dasharam, and numerous other locations. The TSF’s mobilization effectively paralyzed routine activities, sending a clear message of their determination to achieve their demand.

The crux of the protest lies in the TSF’s call for Kokborok to be written in the Roman script rather than the current Devanagari or Bengali scripts. The organization argues that the Roman script’s universality would facilitate easier learning, digital dissemination, and broader recognition of the language.

The TSF’s actions reflect the sentiments of the Kokborok-speaking population, which numbers in the lakhs. The bandh and mass protests underscore the depth of their aspiration and their urgency for change. The TSF’s efforts have spotlighted the need for the ruling State Government to respond to these demands promptly and genuinely.

As the city gradually returns to normalcy after the TSF’s bold demonstration, the lingering impact of their protest continues to draw attention. It remains to be seen how the State Government will respond to the fervent call for change in the script of Kokborok, a decision that could significantly impact linguistic preservation and cultural identity in the region.



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