Unaccounted Cash Worth More Than Rupees 10 Lakh Is Captured By Authorities In Meghalaya


According to the officials, unaccounted cash worth more than Rupees 10 lakh was captured by authorities in poll-bound Meghalaya in a village of the East Jaintia Hills area in the state.

They further stated that three different raids in Umkiang village, in the Sutnga-Saipung assembly seat, collected unaccounted cash from Assamese cars.

Meghalaya Chief Electoral Officer FR Kharkongor informed the Press Trust of India Limited that in the Sutnga-Saipung assembly seat, Rupees 10.72 lakh in cash was seized by the local officials and nobody has been detained as of now.

Superintendent of Police in East Jaintia Hills Jagpal Dhanoa said that the drivers of these autos were unable to present any legitimate document for carrying the liquid asset and the cash captured from vehicles arriving from neighboring Assam.

The most expenditure-sensitive assembly seat identified by the commission is the sutnga-Saipung constituency. The 60-member Meghalaya legislature will be chosen through elections on 27th February.



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