United Nations Addl. Representative, Dr Dinesh Sabnis: Leading SDG Goals through Education Diplomacy


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 Goals adopted by 193 member countries of the United Nations at the historic Summit held in New York on 25 September 2015. Came into force on 01 January 2016, the SDGs are expected to stimulate developmental actions in areas of critical importance such as ending poverty and hunger, providing healthy lives and quality education, achieving gender equality, providing modern energy, promoting sustainable economic growth, promoting peaceful and inclusive society etc. till the year 2030. Also known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the SDGs aim at transforming the lives and livelihood of the people across the globe.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis appointed as a Addl.Representative to United Nations Geneva Office by Inter-Governmental organization World Fund for Development & Planning has been significantly contributing towards UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs for past one decade. His areas of contribution in SDGs has been in SDG3 (Good Health & Wellbeing), SDG16 (Peace Justice & Strong Institution), SDG17 (Partnership for Goals) and most prominently in SDG4 (Quality Education).

Dr.Sabnis in recent years has emerged as a strong Education Diplomat for his active involvement in projects related to education diplomacy, peace mediations, human rights interventions, peace & international mediations. Through his education diplomacy concepts,  Dr.Sabnis have taken forward step in instilling deep culture of understanding  for the students of India & other part of global world regarding topics such as Peace, Humanity, Non Violence, International Relations, Diplomacy & United Nations Fundamentals. This facilitation by Dr.Sabnis have not only channelized understanding of International Relations & Geopolitics in mind of today’s youth but has also have helped youths to create thought processes and do research in topics related to peace, security and global diplomacy that could stabilize international relations for better economic growth. Dr.Sabnis has been aligning many events online and offline wherein students from India and abroad countries are able to connect to discuss various concepts for better understanding and research. He has also taken special steps to create informative videos that could educate youth’s about various UN days that are been designated by United Nations for educating and bringing awareness in global world.

Dr.Sabnis has always strongly believed in quote from Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” He mentions that in today’s world right education and values are what need to be inculcated in the minds of young generation which could bring positive uprising of development and peace in this global world.

To contribute positively, Dr.Sabnis has always looked forward to Education Diplomacy as a future important tool of peaceful and successful world, as it aims to utilize diplomatic skills and cooperate it with both public sectors & private sectors, educators & educational institutions, individuals & organizations, with an special agenda of promoting education all over the Globe as a basic human right, accessible to all.

For Dr.Sabnis one of significant achievements in recent time was mentoring a group of Indian young peacemakers from India, who participated in the International Day of UN Peacekeepers held at the UN Geneva Office 2023. Under Dr. Sabnis’ guidance, these young peacemakers presented papers on sustainable planning for poverty elimination, quality education, and the impact of these factors on the global peace process. They emphasized the importance of peace discussions and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy while highlighting the role of economic development and sustainable planning in sustaining peace.

Other project Dr.Sabnis has initiated is in the tribal villages of Nashik, India wherein he has been contributing towards the tribal students with possible education support on topics related to gender equality, value education, sports and importance of literacy. He believe such initiatives should be looked seriously to channelize SDGs target that we global community look forward to achieve by 2030.

Dr.Sabnis in recent G20 Summit 2023 Jan Bhagidari Session in New Delhi presented speech on importance of SDG17 and its roles in creating sustainable and positive partnerships between various nations for stabilizing global issues and complex geopolitics for better future of humankind and strong economy.

According to Dr.Sabnis SDGs & Education Diplomacy projects which he has been initiating for past few years would have not been possible without active support from IGO-WFDP & INGOs such as UN Peacekeepers Veteran Association- AISP SPIA & Lazarus Union who hold Consultative status respectively in United Nations ECOSOC.

Dr.Sabnis was recently honored by Lazarus Union with special medals of Mission Cross & UN NGO Honor, while Peace Commemorative Medal by UN Peacekeepers Veteran Association-AISP SPIA for his successful services in projects related to Education Diplomacy & International Relations.



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