UrbanMandai [UMOFFERSINDIA Pvt Ltd] : Leading the Charge in Digital Solutions.


In the fast torrent of digital marketing sector, UrbanMandai [UMOFFERSINDIA Pvt Ltd] is the dolphin of innovation and success, which tackles any task swiftly and creates its own identity in the vast sea of digital marketing. Founded in 2010, the company initially provided services to local brands, laying the groundwork to expand into an extensive digital solutions provider. Through years of dedicated effort, UrbanMandai has emerged as a fiery force, capable of serving the diverse needs of businesses not only in India but globally.

UrbanMandai’s transformation from a budding digital marketing company to a comprehensive digital solutions company reflects the company’s commitment to growth and adaptation. The company has strengthened its position in the region by taking smart steps like setting up its digital marketing branch in Nagpur. Additionally, the acquisition of EvorbitSoft, a website and Android development business, marked UrbanMandai’s official foray into the IT sector and SaaS market, expanding its offering and experience.

UrbanMandai offers a comprehensive range of services that are suited to its clients’ various demands. The company provides results-driven solutions ranging from digital marketing strategies to the creation of appealing visuals and content. Website and app development, theatrical advertising, video production, SEO, Google Ads, and other services are available. UrbanMandai, with a focus on innovation and creativity, aims to elevate companies and help them stand out in a congested digital space.

UrbanMandai’s success comes from its team of experienced individuals with years of expertise in their respective fields. With skills in digital marketing, design, consulting, and development, the team is prepared to take on any problem and create bespoke solutions that exceed expectations. UrbanMandai’s dedication to excellence and customized attention guarantees that each and every client receives the top level of service and support.

UrbanMandai provides compelling reasons for businesses to work with them. With a large and talented team, over 2000 satisfied clients globally, and free CRM support, the company promotes client satisfaction and success. Daily assessments and reports, as well as a 360° marketing approach that employs strategic tools, illustrate UrbanMandai’s commitment to producing measurable results and generating growth for its clients.

UrbanMandai’s expertise in theatrical advertising, software development, VFX, and video creation distinguishes it in the digital marketing scene. The partnership with India’s largest theater network, UFO Digital Cinemas, showcases the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and growth. UrbanMandai has established itself as an industry leader by promoting film distribution and generating advertising for theaters across India.

In conclusion, UrbanMandai [UMOFFERSINDIA Pvt Ltd]’s rise from humble beginnings to its current standing as a digital pioneer is a testament to the company’s vision, expertise, and commitment to excellence. UrbanMandai continues to redefine success in the digital era by providing a complete range of services, a talented team of professionals, and a commitment to achieving measurable results.



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