Violent Assault on Tripura State Rifles Jawans at Raigarh Coal Mines Sparks Outrage


Tripura State Rifles (TSR) Jawans posted at the coal mines of Raigarh in Chhattisgarh were brutally assaulted by a frenzied mob. The incident left several Jawans injured, with two, Naib Subedar Arun Debbarma and Subedar Manu Kumar Das from the ninth battalion TSR, still hospitalized due to head and shoulder injuries.

Local sources allege that the coal mafia operating in the area orchestrated the attack, as the TSR Jawans had been actively involved in maintaining law and order for the past two years. The injured troopers, apart from the two hospitalized, suffered mild injuries during the assault.

TSR sources reveal that over the last two years, they had been diligently combating the local coal mafia. The deployment of TSR for the protection of the coal fields had significantly improved the law and order situation, as acknowledged by the local government. However, the recent incident on Friday was described as both shocking and unprecedented.

Assistant Commandant Mridul Kanti Bhadra promptly reached the scene to handle the situation, and when reinforcements were called, the attackers dispersed. The 9th Battalion TSR is now being withdrawn from its post in Raigarh, with the First Battalion TSR set to assume charge. The commandants of both battalions were present during the unexpected and condemnable attack.

This incident highlights the challenges faced by security forces in curbing the influence of organized crime in certain regions and emphasizes the need for continued efforts to ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel in their line of duty.



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