Vishal Umar – A 20 Years old Youngest Digital Author , Entrepreneur and Ethical Hacker

Vishal Umar Author

Vishal Umar Author, A 20 years old guy from Varanasi (kashi) , is now the youngest Author & entrepreneur who is known as the youngest entrepreneur . Vishal has excellent marketing and PR skills that can take any company or person to a higher level with his vast knowledge and extraordinary skills. He is also called Vishal publisher .

Thinking “outside the box” is the most beautiful part of Vishal’s Digital marketing ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and in the end, his brilliance in many ways turns into a powerful force to become the hallmark of succes.

Vishal Umar Author was born as the youngest technology admirer of the digital entrepreneur who is always in charge of marketing. As time passed and his passion for marketing shifted from static to dynamic mode, he knew it was time to get started.

That’s how he got into digital advertising and internet marketing at the age of 15. He received education as the greatest resource for changing his marketing skills. Learning new skills every day is part of his promise to continuously improve himself and accompany him with constant project work until he finally reaches the City of Masters.



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