VVF Pledges Support Against Chin-Kuki Militants for Manipur’s Safety


The Village Volunteers’ Force (VVF) in Manipur has announced its commitment to assist both Central and State forces in combating Chin-Kuki militants to protect the integrity of Manipur and India. The declaration came from Athokpam Chinglemba, the general secretary of VVF’s central committee, during a public event at Kumam Mandop, Moirangthem Leikai in Bishnupur.

Chinglemba referenced a statement from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) dated September 30, which highlighted the collaboration between Myanmar and Bangladesh militant groups and certain leaders within the country to instigate conflicts among different ethnic groups and wage war against the Indian government.

He also addressed the issue of foreign nationals migrating to Manipur, citing External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, and identified it as a contributing factor to the ongoing violence in the region.

Jiban Yumnam, present at the event, condemned the recent threats against VVF’s general secretary, Chinglemba, urging those responsible for the threats to clarify their actions. Yumnam emphasized the potential economic repercussions for Manipur, particularly the Meitei society, once the crisis concludes. He noted that VVF has initiated measures to revive the Meiteis’ struggling economy.

VVF, representing united Meiteis in peripheral and remote areas, previously faced Kuki aggression using traditional weapons like swords and knives at the conflict’s outset. The public function witnessed the participation of numerous VVF members.



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