Water Woes in Teliamura: Residents Stage Highway Blockade for Drinking Water


In a stark display of frustration and desperation, residents of the Mungiakami area in Teliamura staged a protest on Thursday morning by blocking the national highway, highlighting their acute need for drinking water. The aggrieved residents, grappling with a water shortage for the past five days, took to the streets to draw attention to their plight.

Expressing their grievances, the residents claimed to have reached out to the Department of Water Supply (DWS) multiple times, seeking a resolution to the issue, but no tangible action has been taken so far. With their taps running dry and the situation becoming increasingly dire, the community decided to resort to a highway blockade to make their voices heard.

The blockade led to significant traffic disruption in the area, prompting Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police (SDPO) Prasun Kanti Tripura to swiftly intervene. SDPO Tripura engaged in dialogue with the pump operators responsible for the water supply and assured them that he would promptly address the matter with the relevant department, including arranging for the operators’ pending salaries.

Responding positively to the SDPO’s assurance, the pump operators agreed to restart the water supply, alleviating the immediate concerns of the residents. In a gesture of goodwill, the community then lifted the highway blockade.

This incident sheds light on the critical importance of basic amenities such as drinking water and the challenges faced by communities when essential services are disrupted. It also underscores the significance of prompt government intervention in addressing the concerns of citizens and ensuring the smooth functioning of vital services. As the residents resume normalcy, the hope is that this incident serves as a catalyst for improved infrastructure and proactive measures to prevent such crises in the future.



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