Wellness and Mindful Awareness Lead to Harmonious Success – Dr Prachiti Punde


Dr. Prachiti Punde an Integrated Medical Practitioner since Year 2006 Studied MBBS (1998 ) for 5 years followed by another Year of practicing medicine. Post that she opted to study Anesthesiology for another 2 years and also gaining intensive knowledge of the human mind and its psychology.

She has been a spiritually blessed child in terms of Claircognizance and Clairempathy. She always had the ability to acquire psychic knowledge and a keen understanding of emotions, giving her a clearer vision of her future. She began meditating and practicing ashram learnt yoga when she was 13 years which empowered her to manifest and build her life purpose which she always drived her .

Ultimately making her a thorough and established spiritually driven Allopathic medicine practitioner!

Following the path of seeking and spreading knowledge, she completed her NLP and CBT,EFT tapping certification to become an authorized Life coach. She has always been aware of life situations through a clearer perspective.


Dr. Prachitis deep-rooted belief in holistic living and her dedication towards bringing a positive change across the World makes her conduct a lot of workshops on health and wellness globally across Corporate offices and hospitals.. faculty training’s at colleges online and offline.
These Workshops are integrated with her workbooks, game cards and lots of entertaining activities like EFT tapping , acupressure points for everyday discomforts and quick mindfulness techniques.

As an author of several books and journals , she has successfully integrated her vast knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, energy healing, and spirituality into this book. A rare blend of scientific and spiritual balance that’s written by an allopathie doctor! Her tireless efforts towards spreading awareness about holistic living and her unconventional approach to medicine have garnered her a considerable following among her patients and peers.

She says “When the emotion crystallises within us, we suffer dis-ease and dis-comfort. With my tools and a multifaceted approach to living promotes being well in all areas of life. I can aid with allergies, fertility problems, food intolerances, migraines, candida, parasites, back and neck problems, frozen shoulder, slipped disk, insomnia, digestive problems, emotional stress, too much mental chatter, exhaustion, chronic fatigue etc. techniques are also very effective as built over years of coaching 5500+ clients Which will enable the physical condition to clear.

She offers appointments in person at one of my clinics, or via the internet.

The human body is a complicated system and has an incredible filing system for all the many millions of emotions we experience during our lifetime. 

Her work as a Advanced Doctor (allopath +certified life coach + spiritually blessed into 30 + years of meditation )is to help communicate to you, what your soul needs you to know hear and release.  After more than 30 years as a therapist, I have devised my own unique and efficient ways of achieving this.



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