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On 6th December Dr.Pratik gave his lecture on career counseling and studying abroad at S B Patil School Rawet Pune.

More than 400 students & Teachers participated and appreciated the session.

He got a standing ovation twice during his conference, which is the highest possible price.

List of faculty who attended your seminar on December 6th, 2022:

1.Dr. Bindu Saini, Principal
2.Ms. Padmavati Banda, Vice Principal
3.Ms. Shubhangi Kulkarni, Primary Section in-charge
4.Ms. Nirupama Kale, Section Coordinator
5.Ms. Vandana Sangle, Section Coordinator
6.Mr. Manish Dhekale, Administrative Officer
7.Rohit Sarkar, Media and Publishing Department Executive
8.Ms. Aayesha Syed, Secondary Teacher
9.Ms. Amrapali Nikalje , Secondary Teacher
10.Ms. Anita Suryawanshi, Secondary Teacher
11.Ms. Anjali Gugale, Secondary Teacher
12.Ms. Anusaya Swami, Secondary Teacher
13.Ms. Darshana Kamat, Secondary Teacher
14.Ms. Deepika Kannao, Secondary Teacher
15.Ms. Jeetkaur Sodhi, Secondary Teacher
16.Ms. Manjusha Nathe, Secondary Teacher
17.Ms. Pravina More, Secondary Teacher
18.Ms. Prutha Vaidya, Secondary Teacher
19.Mr. Rachna Sisodiya, Secondary Teacher
20.Ms. Richa Arora, Secondary Teacher,
21.Ms. Richa Sharma, Secondary Teacher
22.Ms. Sangita Shinde, Secondary Teacher
23.Ms. Sanjana Sabu, Secondary Teacher
24.Ms. Susmita Roy, Secondary Teacher and Career Counsellor
25.Ms. Swaleha Mujawar, Primary Teacher
26.Mr. Swapnil Lambu, Primary Teacher

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One of the most important choices we make in life is what to do with our careers. Sometimes, due to a lack of information or even peer pressure, kids end up making this choice. Such choices could frequently lead individuals into occupations that are not a good fit for them, which would cause stress and discontent. Making a well-informed selection regarding one’s career is so crucial. We may develop long-term career goals and determine the best course of action with the advice of qualified career counsellors.

Career Counseling: An Understanding of the Term

A systematic procedure called career counselling can assist someone in choosing the proper career by assisting them in understanding themselves as well as the working world. It is a method that aids in the analysis of a person’s strengths, interests, talents, and abilities. The best job decision frequently results from a student’s interests, skills, and current business trends.

Everyone needs career assistance at some time in their lives, whether they are professionals seeking for a change in careers, class 12 students trying to get into colleges, or students in class 11 who are unsure of which path to choose. It equips you with the knowledge and abilities to make future career and life decisions.

What Is Career Counseling and Why Is It Important?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what career counselling is, let’s examine its significance. Today’s kids have access to a variety of careers, therefore the value of career counselling has unquestionably grown. A professional career counsellor may help students make decisions when they are at a turning point where they may need to select a stream in class 11 or the best course following class 12.

Across all age groups, career counselling is important. Career counselling may assist in managing a number of other connected concerns, such as poor motivation and lack of confidence, in addition to assisting in determining one’s future career path. Career counsellors provide neutral counsel and may help resolve the conflict between parents and children on the best course of study. The move from one selected career field to another is made easier and less stressful with the aid of career counselling.

Who Are Career Counselors and What Is Career Counseling?

Professionals with training in career counselling offer advice and counselling. They are well-versed in a variety of professions and career routes. A master’s degree in counselling psychology or applied psychology is often required for career counsellors, and they are skilled in the application of career development theories, counselling strategies, and the administration and interpretation of psychometric tests.

A skilled career counsellor has in-depth knowledge of many different professions, is an astute observer, and can solve problems. They constantly stay current on new trends and sources of career information.

The Definition and Methodology of Career Counseling

It usually takes several steps to provide career counselling.
The first step is to develop self-awareness. In this stage, you learn about yourself and come to terms with your personality, interests, skills, and other personal traits.
You can accomplish anything well and effortlessly if you have the necessary ability. The capacity to answer mathematical problems quickly, for instance, is known as numerical ability.
An activity you appreciate and find interesting is called an interest. As an illustration, consider engaging in sports, music, or art.

Your social characteristics, driving forces, and general nature make up your personality. Are you an extrovert or an introvert, for instance? How outgoing are you?
What am I good at? is one example of a self-awareness question.
Which subjects do I perform well in?
What do I do well?
Step 2: Learn More About Your Career Options- Investigating numerous career alternatives is the next step. You can start removing career possibilities that don’t appeal to you by gathering pertinent information about the work and job positions, personal qualities needed, eligibility requirements, and selection procedure. You can learn pertinent details from:

Books, newspapers, and magazines
online career advisors
People involved in the industry, etc.
Step 3: Integrate the knowledge from the previous two steps – It’s finally time to align your understanding of who you are with your knowledge of your potential employment alternatives. Let’s use a key and lock as an illustration. The requirements of the job are the lock, and your potential is the key. Every career has a different set of prerequisites, and everyone of you has a different potential. The door to success will open in front of you if the correct lock is opened with the proper key.

Step 4: Take Action After determining which job path is ideal for you, create a plan of action. This step-by-step career action plan acts as a road map for accomplishing your long-term professional objectives.

Action plan example: Which topics should I choose?
What examinations do I need to take to get into the college I want to attend?
What are the course’s study requirements and length?
What universities provide the course?

What is Career Guidance – Types of Career Guidance There are many types of career guidance. Let’s look at some of them. School Counselor/Counseling – Most schools today have at least one school counselor, her. They support students’ social and academic endeavors, conduct career planning workshops, and organize career fairs at schools. School counselors also have in-depth knowledge of various board systems such as CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE and IB. College Counselor/Career Counselor – This is another type of career counselor. These advisors help graduates and graduate students choose the right career path after graduation. They also connect students and introduce them to the job industry. Study Abroad Advisor – This is his one of a kind career advice where trained and experienced advisors guide students and connect them with universities around the world. We have in-depth knowledge of the admissions procedures of nearly every foreign university in the world.

This article offers us a truthful concept of what’s profession counselling, significance of profession ounselling, and profession counselling techniques. It is anticipated that an character will spend approx. 90,000 hours on the place of work over a lifetime, so, it will become extraordinarily vital to select the proper profession choice this is in step with your abilities and profession expectations. Be clever in making plans your profession!

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