Who is DJ ‘Dynaad’: Returns with a bang after 9 months?


DJ “DYNAAD,” who goes by his stage name “SHIONRAY,” is none other than the man we know. Agartala, Tripura is home to DJ/MUSIC PRODUCER DYNAAD. At fourteen, he began his music career and has always had a passion for music. He began producing music in his form, specializing in EDM progressive house, and he loved coming up with original, timeless songs. The brave DYNAAD, originally named Sourav, is a rising star in the music industry.

The last nine months have been tragic and challenging for him, as his social media, workspace, studio access, and machines were hacked, resulting in the loss of his work and journey since 2013.

After losing his material, he considered quitting his DJ platform. However, his parents and friends supported him. He prayed to his Guruji and sought blessings, becoming stronger. He regained motivation and started creating from scratch. His childhood friend Subhranil Lodh, now his artist manager, selflessly helped him through tough times.

With the consultation and suggestion of his ‘Guruji’, he was provided with the term ‘NAAD’, which means ‘Inner Frequency’, as he asked his ‘Guruji’ about changing his stage name and forming it into a new one by mixing the term ‘NAAD’ to it, so with his manager after wise research, they came into the conclusion ‘DYNAAD’, which was later approved by his ‘Guruji’ as well.

His last show was Nine months ago with the name of ‘Shionray’ on college grounds where he performed exceptionally well. Amid various ups and downs, his right hand was severely injured in an accident, yet he healed both psychologically and physically with time. He was not deterred by false promises he was told about shows. He returned to his adventure stronger and wiser after a nine-month pause. Even in the face of broken promises, he was adamant about pressing on with his path by God’s grace.





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