Why Is Dighalipukhuri A Popular Dating Spot In Guwahati?

Why is Dighalipukhuri a popular dating spot in Guwahati


Nestled in the heart of Guwahati, Assam, lies the enchanting Dighalipukhuri—an alluring manmade lake adorned by a picturesque garden. Revered for its scenic beauty, historical significance, and tranquil ambiance, Dighalipukhuri has become a beloved dating spot among locals and tourists alike. This article explores the allure of Dighalipukhuri and why it continues to captivate couples seeking romantic experiences.

  1. Serene Surroundings: Dighalipukhuri boasts an idyllic setting with its crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding greenery. The carefully manicured garden encircling the lake enhances the romantic atmosphere, providing couples with a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. The serenity of Dighalipukhuri’s surroundings sets the stage for unforgettable romantic encounters.
  2. Historical Charm: Having witnessed the passage of time, Dighalipukhuri carries a rich historical legacy. Its excavation dates back to the Ahom dynasty, a significant period in Assam’s history. The sense of history and cultural significance enveloping the lake evokes a sense of intrigue and adds a touch of mysticism to the dating experience. Couples can revel in the unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm that Dighalipukhuri offers.
  3. Enchanting Boat Rides: One of the highlights of Dighalipukhuri is the option for couples to embark on enchanting boat rides across its tranquil waters. Drifting along the lake, hand in hand, offers a romantic escapade, as the gentle ripples and soothing ambiance create an intimate setting. The shared adventure of navigating the waters together enhances the bond between couples, creating lasting memories.
  4. The Garden’s Embrace: Adjacent to the lake, a well-tended garden beckons couples to meander through its verdant pathways. The fragrant blossoms, colorful flora, and well-manicured lawns provide a delightful backdrop for romantic strolls and leisurely conversations. Within this sanctuary, couples can steal moments of privacy while immersed in nature’s embrace.
  5. Convenient Location: Dighalipukhuri’s central location in Guwahati contributes to its popularity as a dating spot. Easy accessibility for both locals and tourists allows couples to escape to this serene oasis without venturing too far from the city’s amenities. The lake’s proximity to other popular landmarks also makes it a convenient rendezvous point for romantic outings.


Dighalipukhuri’s irresistible charm as a dating spot in Guwahati lies in its tranquil surroundings, historical significance, and the enchanting combination of a manmade lake and a beautiful garden. Couples seeking a respite from the urban clamor find solace in the serene ambiance, while the allure of boat rides and romantic strolls creates an atmosphere of intimacy and connection. Dighalipukhuri continues to cast its spell on those in search of romance, offering a truly enchanting experience in the heart of Guwahati.



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