Rights Group Seeks President’s Rule In Manipur

Rights group seeks President's rule in Manipur

New Delhi, July 4, 2023: The Rights and Risk Analysis Group, a New Delhi-based advocacy organization, has recently urged the imposition of President’s rule in Manipur. The group contends that such a measure is necessary to address mounting concerns over governance issues in the northeastern state.

President’s rule, also known as Central Rule, is a constitutional provision in India that enables the President to assume direct control of a state’s administration in the event of a breakdown of constitutional machinery. It is invoked when a state government fails to function in accordance with constitutional principles and struggles to maintain law and order.

The Rights and Risk Analysis Group’s call for President’s rule in Manipur underscores their belief that the state’s governance apparatus has faltered, necessitating central intervention. While specific details regarding the exact concerns have not been provided by the group, they assert that the situation calls for urgent action.

The imposition of President’s rule would result in the central government taking charge of the state’s governance, temporarily supplanting the local administration. This step is typically taken to restore stability, uphold the rule of law, and ensure the efficient functioning of state institutions until a stable government can be established.

To gather further information and insights on the issue at hand, it is recommended to refer to reliable news sources for up-to-date developments on the Rights and Risk Analysis Group’s proposal for President’s rule in Manipur.



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