Widow Killed by Brother-in-Law after Rape Attempt Fails in Tripura, Barkathal Area


In a horrific incident, a 35-year-old widow named Budhulaxmi Debbarma was killed by her elder brother-in-law, Padma Kumar Debbarma, after she resisted his attempt to rape her at Barkathal area under Sidhai Police Station. The incident took place on February 22, when the victim was alone in her house while almost the entire village was attending a nearby marriage ceremony.

Taking advantage of the situation, Padma Kumar entered the house and attempted to rape Budhulaxmi. When she raised an alarm, he tried to strangle her and then fled the scene. The victim was found in a serious condition by nearby women who rushed her to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly after.

The accused is reportedly absconding, and a case has been filed at Sidhai Police Station. Budhulaxmi had lost her husband five years ago and was living alone with her only son, who recently got admitted to Agartala College.

The incident has shocked the local community, with many expressing their outrage and demanding swift justice for the victim. Rajen Debbarma, the husband of Budhulaxmi’s sister, confirmed that a case has been filed and urged the police to take immediate action to apprehend the accused.

The incident once again highlights the issue of violence against women in the country and the urgent need to address this pervasive problem. It is crucial for the authorities to ensure that justice is served and that measures are put in place to prevent such heinous crimes in the future.

The brutal killing of Budhulaxmi Debbarma is a tragic reminder of the dangers faced by women in our society. It is important for everyone to come together to fight against such crimes and to create a safe environment for women to live in.



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