With the Advent of Social Media, People Watching and Reading Traditional Media are Decreasing: Tripura CM


Tripura CM Dr. Manik Saha on Wednesday expressed concern over the decrease in users of traditional media saying that this is happening after the fast growing craze of social media. He said that such a trend should be avoided. He also urged the media persons to give facts in the news, even if it is spoken against the government.

Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha, who arrived at the first annual state convention of Tripura Newspaper Society in Agartala on Wednesday, said, “Earlier people used to trust newspapers more. A speaker here said that the current newspaper has only 25 per cent readership. With the advent of TV, 45 per cent viewership has come down. Now the trend of reading newspapers has decreased. Due to social media and paucity of time, people now watch everything on their mobiles.”

Saha urged the media persons to maintain individuality rather than maintain closeness with certain individuals. At the conference, he said, “If it is needed then journalists should write the truth against us also. If the story is written positively, then it should be accepted. You (journalists) can rectify our mistakes. I would like to thank my cabinet colleagues and Will ask party workers to follow suit accordingly. But you should ensure that the position of the previous government does not come back.”

Referring to the content of newspapers, he said that in some cases news takes ideas because of the use of certain words. “If you want to share ideas, write editorials. News containing news is not desirable.”

In the conference, Subal Kumar Dey, President of Tripura Newspaper Society, highlighted the attacks on journalists in the last 4.5 years, where at least 42 journalists were attacked but no action was taken till now.