Women Leading the Way: Empowering Change in Real Estate


“The zeal and ethos to deliver perfect practical homes are where I have an edge to pot-ray myself as a woman realtor”.

Those were the words uttered as she walked out of the meeting hall, having chaired a gathering of Credai Women’s Wing in Jaipur earlier today. Our correspondent had the opportunity to interview Ms. Amrita Gupta, Director of Manglam Group. During the conversation, Ms. Gupta expressed her perspective on being one of the rare female realtors in the state.

It’s about my ambition as a woman to be driven by virtues of integrity and culture. As a professional realtor and heading an ethical company as the director, it takes a lot of courage to remain inspired to deliver quality and practical homes which my clients deserve. Being a realtor to me is an emotion where my vision is that my company and myself keep growing for times to come making our country subsequently recognised on global platform.

Being the founder and president of the Woman Wing of Credai Rajasthan, I would like to address and encourage the entire women fraternity who dream of being a realtor to join my vision and make the realty sector, Gender Neutral. It’s only a woman, who in these changing times of real estate can think from a perspective of an end user. Thus, by making the real estate gender-neutral, we, hand in hand, will be able to build self-reliant projects for our customers.

Taking one step at a time, we at CRWW (Credai Rajasthan Women Wing) are discussing projects to be more sustainable, green, and self-energy sufficient. For example, the agenda for today’s discussion in the meeting of the women’s wing was to enhance ideas for making projects with better cross-ventilations. The idea behind this discussion is that when the ventilation is better in our projects, the energy consumption, all over, will reduce. This, in turn, will give us a chance of saving resources for our customers and we will have more happy clients. A win-win situation for the client and the business both.

The concept of me rotating around my vision to encourage more women to join the real estate sector is that I foresee that a lot of improvements are to be done in this terrain of business. This road, which is less traveled, needs to be nourished and empowered. With more women joining the real estate, I am sure newer horizons will open up which will start working to deliver an emotion, not a building or a project.

As a domain interface for all the women who dream of being a realtor, Ms. Amrita said, “To rule the society as a woman realtor, we need to respect our designs, concepts of sustainability, resource savings and stay in gratitude. The magic mantra for every woman who desires this is to SHOW UP, STAND OUT and RULE THE MARKET”.

With a woman’s intellect, business as a whole is not about only money flowing in but it’s a sentiment that enhances me to build with pride and sell with nostalgia. At Manglam, under supervision, we tend to build our projects filled with the thoughts of an end user. Every teeny tiny detail of the project is hand-picked with utmost thoughts of comfort for human life nurturing and enjoying the outcome. In a recent project “Nafz” done by Manglam in the Manglam Woods under the sister concern brand Amrita Gupta Designs, we profoundly dived down into the deepest core of designing and comfort.

The outcome was a grand smile on the client’s face, which will be repetitive for years to come. Business for me, being a woman realtor is about trust, empathy, and compassion headed by the heart, thought from the mind, and built with my soul which embraces my projects with beauty, forever.

The real estate business, being a male-driven category of business, gets a lot of adversity and challenges my way, every day. These whirlwinds coming as barricades inspires me more, just because of the core sense of being a woman realtor inspires me more every day.

In the world of real estate, especially in India, women are constantly talked down by society. This particular aspect of the backlog gets me going, all prepared for combat for keeping true to my nature using my breath as power and skill as strength, and delivering luxury lifestyle projects.

At Manglam, our approach is to think innovatively right from the inception of a design. We achieve this by creating projects that prioritize functionality, while also incorporating stunning landscapes and elegant designs. Through our collaboration with Amrita Gupta Designs, we have the privilege of crafting exquisite homes that truly captivate.



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