Women Will Vote For BJP In Large Numbers In Tripura Polls: Mahila Morcha


The national president of Mahila Morcha, Vanathi Srinivasan, expressed confidence in the fact that women will vote in large numbers for the BJP in the next elections to the Tripura Assembly that will take place early next year.

The northeastern state has a total electorate of 27.33 lakh of whom 13.53 lakh are women, according to the draft electoral lists.

Srinivasan told reporters in Agartala that women across the country believe in the BJP, which would lead the country to a brighter future.

“I believe women voters will exercise their franchise in support of nominees of the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections,” Srinivasan

 Srinivasan also spoke at a rally hosted by Mahila Morcha and opened the “chai pe charcha” outreach program in Kheyerpur, West Tripura District.

The BJP leader said she had interacted with women to hear their opinions and the activities of the Saffron party in the state.

To know about the perspectives of women regarding the government, it will conduct such programs in 870 shakti Kendra (one shakti Kendra looks after five-seven booths) and on the basis of that party’s manifesto for the assembly elections would be prepared, she added.

 Srinivasan highlighted the steps taken by the BJP government for the well-being of women in the northeast state.