World Designing Forum: Redesigning the Fashion Designing Space


On the outside, the fashion design industry is all about elegance and glamour. But looking in from the inside, it’s much like any other industry: full of major players, little players, academics, teachers, and those looking to break in. The act of assembling them into an organisation is daunting in and of itself. The World Design Forum (WDF) has accomplished the remarkable feat of establishing an organisation that brings together and fosters collaboration among all of these areas.

In 2017, Ankush Anami established the World Designing Forum. This one-of-a-kind forum in India’s fashion industry was born from the need to provide a platform where educators and designers could meet, network, share ideas, and receive recognition for their efforts.

Ankush Anami attended the esteemed National Institute of Fashion Technology. Ankush aspired to strengthen the industry and its people by using his extensive network of designers and educators that he had built up over the years of working in the field. That is how the WDF came to be.

Ankush used his creative talent, management acumen, and industry connections to establish a community where established and up-and-coming designers could learn from one another and advance in their careers. Ankush is a tireless supporter for design education, often speaking at conferences and other events on the topic. In addition, he helps a number of up-and-coming designers along their career paths by serving as a mentor to them.

The World Design Forum does more than just provide an opportunity for interaction for those working in the fashion industry and related fields; it also encourages thought-provoking debates on topics such as healthcare, social change, sustainability, global development, and the role of design in making the world a better place. Furthermore, the forum also encourages a collaborative and inclusive method of design.

The WDF’s workshops are a prime example of this strategy. Any designer, regardless of skill level, is welcome to participate in these virtual workshops. Designers, models, lecturers, and other notable figures in the fashion industry host the sessions. In addition to imparting participants with a wealth of new information and a fresh outlook on their profession, these seminars also award certificates upon completion.

However, the National Designing Awards serve as the forum’s flagship event. The most memorable designs, the most talented designers, and the year-round efforts that contribute to the industry’s success are all recognised at these awards, which unite the whole industry. As an added bonus, the event is a great place to meet like-minded people and share ideas.

The World Designing Forum is revolutionising the fashion design industry and is certainly a one-of-a-kind institution. The World Designing Forum is influencing the industry’s current state with a focus on the future while also paying respect to its historical roots in an effort to improve the world via design.



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