World’s First Charitrapreneur Mentor, Dr. Avijit Ghosh Inspires Indian Youth through Hindi Sales University


Renowned Indian Entrepreneur and Founder of Hindi Sales University, Dr. Avijit Ghosh, is making waves with his Charitrapreneur movement, aiming to guide the younger generation towards long-term, impactful success.

Emphasizing character development as the foundation for entrepreneurship, Dr. Ghosh believes that intention is the true measure of a person. The Charitrapreneur movement, under the slogan “Committed to Greatness,” Dr. Ghosh advocates prioritizing character over intelligence, encouraging individuals to navigate the journey of entrepreneurship with a foundation built on integrity.

Hindi Sales University, with its motto “Just Scale It,” complements the movement by providing the necessary skills for expansion after character development. Dr. Avijit Ghosh encourages the Indian youth to prioritize long-term success over short-term enjoyment, urging them to subscribe to his YouTube channel, “Dr. Avijit Ghosh: Sales Mentor.(”

In a recent interview, Dr. Ghosh highlighted the significance of one’s friend circle in long-term character development, expressing gratitude for his hospitality management friends, whom he considers pillars of support.

The Charitrapreneur movement stands as a beacon for Gen Z, inspiring them to choose greatness over fleeting pleasures and embark on a journey towards enduring success.



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