Young Man Seriously Injured in an Accident in Shantganj


A Janjati youth was seriously injured in a bike accident late on Sunday night on the Checharimai road. Refer to Agartala GBP from Swatganj Primary Health Center for better treatment in critical condition. Biswajit Debbarma lost control while riding his bike from Charilam to his home in Pushkar Bari at high speed and met with an accident on Chechurimai Road. Eyewitnesses rushed to the spot on hearing the loud noise Informs the fire department of Vathanganj. After receiving the information, the soldiers of the Swatganj fire department rushed to the spot and rescued the injured Biswajit Debbarma and brought him to the Swatganj primary health center. When he was brought to the primary health center, the doctor of the primary health center Biswajit Debbarma referred him to Agartala GBP Hospital as his condition was alarming.



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