Youth Seriously Injured in Bike-Car Collision in Vishalgarh


Biker seriously injured in collision with parked car on road adjacent to Vishalgarh Jagannath Jiu Temple. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon. It is known that the driver Jai Sarkar was riding from Vishalgarh with a bike, lost control on the way and stopped on the road adjacent to Jagannath Yuva Mandir and rammed into the car.

Driver Joy Sarkar fell down on the road. The bike was crushed in the collision On hearing the sound, the witnesses rushed to the spot. The injured person was rescued and reported to Vishalgarh fire department Vishalgarh fire brigade personnel rushed to the spot and rescued the injured Jai Sarkar and took him to the Vishalgarh Sub-Divisional Hospital. Seeing the progress of Jai Sarkar’s condition, the doctor on duty referred him to Agartala GBP Hospital for better treatment At the time of the accident, the biker was under the influence of alcohol



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