Zibah – Listed In Top 20 Best of India Short Film Festival, UK


An original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits, that’s what the short film is all about. “#Zibah”, trending all over social media; presents not only a story but also a real-life meaning and most of which have successfully made it to the top 20 in Best of India Short Film, UK.

Here is the Interview with the director of the film Arunjit Borah,

Your film “#Zibah” and “#Zibahthefilm”, getting social media attention, what would you like to say?

The day we released the poster of Zibah. Zibah got attention on many social media platforms. Many celebrities, well wishers shared our poster. My thanks to everyone.

Why ZIBAH ? 

It’s a story of choosing between passion and comfort where passion always took the front seat for me. I have always been passionate about presenting quality content to my audience, where the subject must have a meaningful, social or personal message. Above all the stories I want to tell must create a ripple in my heart first. The subject of Zibah is very close to my heart and it feels great that the film is appreciated as this is an issue of grave concern which demands the attention of the modern world.

What’s “Zibah” personally to you?

Zibah for me is not just about the quality of direction, good acting, technical perfections, or entertainment; it’s much more than that. Zibah is my message to the world which demands awareness and attention, which eventually may protect many more daughters.

When is the release date of this film “ZIBAH”?

Firstly, Zibah will hit International festivals around the globe. Later we are planning to release it on an OTT platform, the release date has not been decided yet.

What would be your message to the people through ZIBAH?

Zibah is the story of a strong and emotional relationship between a mother and her daughter. The story reflects how they stand together facing a very old and serious community practice and fight against it.

Besides; tell us something about your other upcoming projects?

My second feature film (Untitled)  is in the post-production stage as of now.  Presently I am working on a film script as well. 

Indeed it’s going to be a mesmerizing short film with a heart-warming message for the people. Mr. Borah gave heartfelt gratitude to Daughter “ERUM ” played by famous TV actor Helly Shah and mother “TABBASUM” played by renowned film actor Barkha Sengupta, Both of them are extraordinary amazing in the film “ZIBAH”.  Director Borah added .