ZORO Plans Peaceful Rally Against Border Fencing at Indo-Myanmar Border


Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) has announced plans for a peaceful rally on May 16, 2024, at the Indo-Myanmar border to protest against the Indian government’s decision to fence the border and abolish the Free Movement Regime (FMR).

The decision to organize the rally stems from growing concerns among ZORO members and supporters regarding the implications of the border fencing and the abolition of the FMR. ZORO believes that these actions by the Indian government could have adverse effects on the socio-economic and cultural ties between the Zo people residing on both sides of the border.

ZORO aims to use the peaceful rally as a platform to voice their opposition to these governmental measures and to advocate for the protection of the rights and interests of the Zo people. The organization emphasizes the importance of maintaining open borders and facilitating free movement between India and Myanmar for the Zo community, which has historical and cultural connections spanning across the border.

The rally is expected to draw participation from members of the Zo community, as well as individuals and organizations sympathetic to their cause. ZORO has called upon all supporters to join them in solidarity at the Indo-Myanmar border on May 16 to demonstrate their unity and determination in opposing the border fencing and the abolition of the FMR.

While ZORO reaffirms its commitment to peaceful protest, the organization also intends to convey a strong message to the Indian government about the seriousness of their concerns. They hope that the rally will attract attention from policymakers and prompt them to reconsider their decisions in light of the potential repercussions on the Zo community.

In preparation for the rally, ZORO is coordinating with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly and without any untoward incidents. The organization emphasizes the importance of maintaining decorum and adhering to legal guidelines during the rally to avoid any disruptions or confrontations.

Overall, ZORO’s peaceful rally on May 16 serves as a platform for the Zo community to express their dissent peacefully and advocate for their rights and interests in the face of governmental actions that they perceive as detrimental. Through this collective effort, ZORO aims to garner support and bring attention to the issues affecting the Zo people on both sides of the Indo-Myanmar border.



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