Aaranyak and British Asian Trust Unite for Assam’s Biodiversity


Taking a step for biodiversity conservation in Assam, Aaranyak has joined forces with the British Asian Trust. This partnership aims to enhance efforts towards preserving the rich and diverse ecosystems in the region. The collaboration comes at a crucial time when environmental concerns demand collective action.

Aaranyak, a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation, will leverage its expertise in the region. The British Asian Trust, known for its impactful initiatives, will bring additional support and resources to the table. Together, they aspire to implement strategic projects that address the pressing challenges faced by Assam’s unique flora and fauna.

This partnership aligns with the shared commitment of both organizations to promote sustainable development and environmental well-being. The initiatives are expected to encompass a range of activities, from habitat restoration to community engagement, ensuring a holistic approach to conservation.

Assam, known for its rich biodiversity, is home to numerous endangered species and unique ecosystems. However, factors like deforestation, habitat degradation, and climate change pose severe threats. The collaboration between Aaranyak and the British Asian Trust signals a proactive step towards mitigating these challenges.

More About The Organization

Both organizations express optimism about the positive impact they can achieve by combining their strengths. The synergy between local knowledge and international support is envisioned to create effective and lasting solutions for biodiversity conservation in Assam.

This partnership announcement is likely to resonate positively with stakeholders, including environmentalists, local communities, and authorities. As conservation efforts gain momentum, the collective goal is to ensure a sustainable and thriving environment for Assam’s diverse wildlife and ecosystems.

In addition, the collaboration between Aaranyak and the British Asian Trust marks a crucial milestone in the journey towards safeguarding Assam’s biodiversity. With shared expertise and a commitment to a greener future, the partnership sets the stage for impactful and meaningful conservation initiatives.



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