Aaranyak Organizes Eye Camp for Pobitora Sanctuary Staff


Aaranyak, a leading wildlife conservation organization, recently organized an eye camp for the staff of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam. The camp aimed to address the eye health needs of the sanctuary staff, ensuring they have access to essential healthcare services.

The eye camp, held at the sanctuary premises, provided staff members with comprehensive eye examinations conducted by qualified optometrists. Through these examinations, any existing eye conditions or vision problems were identified, enabling timely intervention and treatment.

In addition to eye examinations, the camp also facilitated the distribution of prescription eyeglasses to individuals with refractive errors or visual impairments. This initiative aimed to improve the vision and overall well-being of the sanctuary staff, enabling them to carry out their duties effectively and safely.

The eye camp organized by Aaranyak underscores the organization’s commitment to the welfare of wildlife sanctuary personnel. By addressing the healthcare needs of sanctuary staff, Aaranyak contributes to ensuring a conducive working environment and promoting the health and safety of those dedicated to protecting the region’s biodiversity.

Moreover, the eye camp serves as a testament to the importance of community engagement and support in conservation efforts. By providing essential healthcare services to sanctuary staff, Aaranyak fosters a sense of solidarity and cooperation within the conservation community, strengthening bonds and promoting mutual assistance.

The successful execution of the eye camp reflects Aaranyak’s dedication to holistic conservation practices that prioritize both wildlife and human well-being. Through initiatives like these, Aaranyak continues to make significant strides in safeguarding biodiversity and promoting sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife in the region.

Further, the eye camp organized by Aaranyak for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary staff represents a commendable effort to address the healthcare needs of those working in conservation. By ensuring access to eye care services, Aaranyak contributes to the health, safety, and effectiveness of sanctuary personnel, furthering the organization’s mission of wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.



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