Abhishek Debbarma’s Decade-Long Journey in the Kokborok Entertainment Industry, Family and Career


Abhishek Debbarma is an actor with a diverse portfolio, having starred in numerous music videos and movies. He is currently employed in the government sector and holds a BA degree. Originally from Sutarmura in the Bishalgarh region, acting has been his lifelong passion. Balancing his government job, he dedicates his holidays and weekends to his craft. He believes in nurturing talent, even if it remains a hobby in our community.

In an exclusive interview with Borok Times, Abhishek reflected on his remarkable journey, which began in 2005. “During my college days, I immersed myself in dance and acting. It was my senior, Sharmili Debbarma, who recognized my talent and invited me to join her team, the Khathansa Dance Troupe, now known as Khathansa Production,” Abhishek shared.

His foray into the world of entertainment was propelled by the launch of a music video, “Miling Malang,” at the behest of his mentor, Sharmili Debbarma. “That’s how my journey in this industry began, and it’s been a thrilling ride ever since. I’ve worked on numerous music videos and albums, each holding a special place in my heart,” Abhishek remarked.

When asked about his favorite projects, Abhishek smiled, acknowledging the difficulty of choosing from his extensive repertoire. He fondly mentioned “Miling Malang,” “Wansukma Angle,” “Pilala Nokha Tola,” “Imango Phaiwoi,” “Nwng Kwrwi Ani Khapang,” “Buphuru Silang Sinai,” and many others, totaling close to 35 music videos to date.

Abhishek’s talents extend beyond music videos, as he’s graced the silver screen with over 10 films, including notable works like “Birman,” “Chethuwang,” and “Busulung.” He expressed immense pride in being able to contribute to the happiness and entertainment of his people.

In a candid conversation with one of Tripura’s most promising actors, we got a glimpse into the challenges and aspirations of the entertainment industry in the region. With a notable accolade under his belt, our guest sheds light on the importance of nurturing talent and providing adequate platforms for young artists.

Q: As you have worked with many people, with whom do you feel comfortable working?

Among the many talented individuals I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, I must say that working with Brother Sarat Reang has been an absolute joy. We share a comfortable rapport, and during my early days, I spent the most time working alongside him. In fact, it was in 2018 that I was honored with the Best Male Actor award at the Kokborok Film Festival.

Q: In Tripura, there aren’t many places to learn acting, dance, or attend proper institutes. What message do you want to convey?

While Tripura’s government has recently taken steps to address this gap by introducing institutes, the question now is how accessible these resources will be. We urgently need a thriving industry and support systems for our budding artists and those associated with the entertainment field. Establishing proper centers and fostering commercialization can provide substantial income sources for our young talents, who currently struggle to find suitable avenues.

Q: Artists often become targets during societal issues. What are your thoughts on this?

It’s not a new phenomenon. Beautiful things are often the most scrutinized. However, we can’t overlook the fact that society is incomplete without artists. People crave entertainment, and artists are the wellspring of it. We, in various capacities, are woven into the fabric of people’s hearts and lives.

Q: Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I’m afraid I can’t reveal too much at this moment. Stay tuned; everyone will find out soon. (Laughs)

In a closing message to his supporters, Abhishek expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, “I owe my success to my fans and supporters. Your encouragement drives us to do more and to entertain more. Keep the love and support coming!”



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