Sudip Roybarman Falls ill During Congress Bhawan Joining Programme


Sudip Roybarman, MLA and working committee member, suddenly fell ill during a joining programme organized by the Congress in Tripura. The event, attended by PCC president Asish Kumar Saha and AICC secretary Tzaritha Laiphang, witnessed 7423 voters from 1437 families formally joining the party, pledging to work towards liberating Tripura from what they termed as BJP’s misrule.

During his speech, Roy made a startling call to ‘Tipra Motha’ supremo and former PCC president, Pradyot Kishore, urging him to rejoin the party and assume a leadership role. “I call upon honorable Pradyot Kishore to rejoin the party and become our top leader; that will not only strengthen Congress but also benefit the people and the state of Tripura. We promise to unite in our struggle to ensure that his demands, aims, and objectives are fulfilled,” expressed Sudip.

However, just before concluding his address, Roy suddenly fell ill and collapsed, necessitating immediate medical attention. Despite this unexpected turn of events, the programme continued as planned.

Addressing the gathered crowd, PCC president Asish Kumar Saha and AICC secretary Tzaritha Laiphang vehemently criticized the BJP government at both state and central levels. They accused the ruling party of polarizing politics and adopting policies previously implemented by the Congress, albeit under different names. They also pointed out alleged electoral irregularities in Tripura, stating that over 61% of the populace had voted against the BJP.

Both leaders called for a united people’s movement to overthrow the BJP government and emphasized that Congress would lead the struggle against the incumbent ruling party.

Simultaneously, Congress members commemorated ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ by garlanding the photograph of the Mahatma in Congress Bhawan and offering floral tributes at Gandhiji’s memorial in the Gandhighat area of Agartala.

The incident has added an unexpected twist to the political landscape in Tripura, underscoring the challenges faced by the Congress party in the state. Roy’s call for Pradyot Kishore’s return has also sparked speculation about potential shifts in party dynamics.



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