Annamrita Foundation Extends Nourishing Meals to Kurukshetra Civil Government Hospital


Annamrita Foundation, the philanthropic wing of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), has embarked on a commendable initiative to provide full-fledged meals to the patients at the Civil Government Hospital of Kurukshetra. Today its Haryana chapter served three nutritious meals to approximately 50 patients, marking the beginning of a promising project aimed at alleviating suffering through nourishment.

Annamrita Foundation distributing Meals to Hospital Patients in Kurukshetra

Annamrita Foundation has garnered international recognition for its relentless efforts in providing meals to those in need. This extension of their services to the Civil Government Hospital in Kurukshetra aligns with the overarching philosophy of ISKCON, known as “Food for Life“.

This initiative follows the successful implementation of a similar scheme last month at the Government Hospital in Faridabad. The doctors and management of Health Services were elated to witness the positive results and the institutions unwavering dedication. Impressed by the projects impact, they recommended its replication in other districts as well.

Dhananjaya Krishna Das, Vice Chairman of Annamrita Foundation-Haryana, expressed his commitment to serve those in need, stating, “Annamrita Foundation will continue to move forward like a Juggernaut, soothing the pain and alleviating the suffering of individuals wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. Our volunteers in Ukraine are also engaged in providing food relief to the local population. We will not rest until every single person finds happiness and bliss.”

The nutritious meals provided by Annamrita Foundation go beyond meeting the basic dietary needs of the patients. Carefully prepared to ensure a balanced and wholesome diet, these meals are designed to support the patients recovery and overall well-being. The foundations volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and quality while preparing and serving the meals.

The collaboration between the Annamrita Foundation and the Civil Government Hospital of Kurukshetra represents a significant step forward in addressing the nutritional requirements of patients, particularly those who may not have access to proper meals during their hospital stay. This initiative highlights the power of compassion and selfless service in creating a positive impact on individuals lives.

As Annamrita Foundation continues to expand its reach and make a difference in the lives of those in need, their efforts serve as an inspiration for others to join hands and contribute to the betterment of society. Through their unwavering dedication, Annamrita Foundation exemplifies the spirit of generosity and the transformative potential of nourishment.

In conclusion, the commencement of full-fledged meals at the Civil Government Hospital of Kurukshetra by Annamrita Foundation reinforces their commitment to serving humanity. This initiative not only provides much-needed nutrition to patients but also exemplifies the core principles of ISKCONs philosophy, fostering compassion and well-being. With their tireless efforts, Annamrita Foundation is on a mission to bring happiness and relief to those in need, one nourishing meal at a time.





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