Arunachal: Agriculture dept to buy surplus millet, says minister


Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Tage Taki announced on Thursday that the Agriculture Department has taken a significant step to address the issue of surplus millet produced in the state. The department has decided to purchase the surplus millet directly from farmers, ensuring that their hard work does not go to waste.

Recognizing the importance of millet as a nutritious crop and its potential contribution to food security, the minister emphasized the need to support local farmers. By buying the surplus millet, the Agriculture Department aims to provide farmers with a fair price for their produce and prevent financial losses resulting from unsold crops.

Millet is known for its ability to thrive in diverse agro-climatic conditions, making it suitable for cultivation in Arunachal Pradesh. This resilient cereal grain has gained attention for its high nutritional value, including fiber, protein, and essential minerals. Therefore, the decision to purchase surplus millet not only benefits farmers but also presents an opportunity to enhance the nutritional intake of the population.

The purchased millet can be utilized in various ways, such as distribution through government welfare programs or inclusion in school meals. Additionally, the surplus millet can undergo processing for value-added products, further boosting the agricultural sector and promoting sustainable practices.

This proactive approach by the Agriculture Department reflects the government’s commitment to supporting farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture in Arunachal Pradesh. The move not only provides economic relief to farmers but also addresses the issue of surplus millet effectively, ensuring that it serves a valuable purpose in meeting the nutritional needs of the state’s population.



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