Assam: 3F Oil Palm Launches Plantation in Lakhimpur


Guwahati, Assam – In a significant development for the agricultural sector, 3F Oil Palm, the country’s leading end-to-end oil palm plantation and processing company, has joined hands with the Assam Government to establish the largest oil palm plantation and processing venture in India. The partnership aims to revolutionize the oil palm industry while boosting the economy and generating employment opportunities in the region.

The collaboration between 3F Oil Palm and the Assam Government signifies a remarkable milestone in the state’s quest for sustainable agricultural practices. By combining their expertise and resources, both parties aim to capitalize on the favorable climatic conditions and fertile land of Assam to cultivate high-quality oil palm trees, thus reducing the nation’s dependency on oil imports.

The project will be centered in Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, which is known for its strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure. This geographical advantage will facilitate the efficient movement of raw materials and processed goods to various markets across the country.

The establishment of this state-of-the-art oil palm plantation will not only contribute to Assam’s agricultural sector but also promote environmental conservation. Oil palm plantations are known for their higher oil yield per unit area compared to other oilseed crops, making them an ideal choice for sustainable cultivation practices. Additionally, 3F Oil Palm is committed to implementing responsible and eco-friendly techniques throughout the plantation and processing operations, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

The partnership with the Assam Government will enable 3F Oil Palm to leverage the state’s vast land resources and support infrastructure, which are crucial for the success of large-scale agricultural projects. The government’s support will range from providing necessary permits and licenses to offering technical expertise and financial assistance.

Furthermore, the establishment of this oil palm plantation is expected to generate substantial employment opportunities for the local population. From farm laborers to skilled professionals in processing and management, the project will create a diverse range of jobs, contributing to the socioeconomic development of the region.

The successful implementation of this venture is anticipated to have a positive cascading effect on the overall economy. With increased domestic production of palm oil, India will be able to reduce its dependence on costly imports, resulting in significant savings and improved trade balance. Moreover, the project’s success will encourage other states to explore similar opportunities and embrace sustainable agriculture practices.

As the largest end-to-end oil palm plantation and processing company in the country, 3F Oil Palm’s partnership with the Assam Government marks a significant step towards transforming India’s oil palm industry. Through their combined efforts, the venture aims to establish a robust and sustainable ecosystem that benefits both the agricultural sector and the local community.

With the groundwork set for this ambitious project, stakeholders eagerly await the positive impacts it will bring to Guwahati and the entire state of Assam. As the oil palm plantation takes root, it is poised to propel Assam towards becoming a frontrunner in the nation’s agricultural landscape while reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability.



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