Assam Assembly Team Reviews Coal Mining Operations in Margherita


A team from the Assam Legislative Assembly visited Margherita to address concerns regarding illegal mining activities and coal stockpiles in the region. Their primary focus was to scrutinize the jurisdiction and operational leases held by Coal India for mining activities in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the team, legislator Kalita highlighted the importance of their visit. “We reviewed the current mining locations, production levels, and the future operational strategies of Coal India,” Kalita stated. The team’s objective was to assess the compliance of mining operations with regulatory standards and environmental norms.

Margherita has been a focal point due to reported instances of illegal mining and concerns over environmental degradation. The team inspected various mining sites to gather firsthand information on the ground reality and ascertain the extent of compliance with legal requirements.

During their visit, legislators engaged with local officials, stakeholders, and community representatives to understand their perspectives on the mining activities. Discussions also centered on the socio-economic impact of coal mining in the region, including employment opportunities and environmental concerns.

The legislative team emphasized the need for stringent enforcement of mining regulations to curb illegal activities and ensure sustainable mining practices. They expressed their commitment to addressing the grievances of local communities affected by mining operations.

Coal India, as a major player in the region’s mining sector, was urged to enhance transparency in its operations and strengthen environmental conservation measures. The team underscored the importance of corporate responsibility in mitigating adverse impacts on the environment and local communities.

Following their assessment, the legislators plan to submit a detailed report to the Assam Legislative Assembly, outlining their findings and recommendations. They aim to propose measures to improve oversight of mining activities, enhance regulatory frameworks, and promote sustainable development in Margherita and surrounding areas.

The visit by the Assam Legislative Assembly team reflects the government’s proactive approach to addressing issues related to mining and environmental management. It signals a commitment to ensuring that mining activities in Margherita align with legal and environmental standards while fostering socio-economic development in the region.



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