Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Sets Deadline For Completion of Flyover in Guwahati


In a bid to expedite infrastructure development in Guwahati, the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, has directed officials from the Public Works Department (PWD – Road) and contractors to prioritize the timely completion of the Maligaon and Zoo Road flyovers.

With the objective of improving the city’s transportation network and alleviating traffic congestion, these flyovers have been identified as crucial projects. Recognizing their significance, Chief Minister Sarma has set forth a clear mandate to ensure their swift completion.

Emphasizing the importance of efficient execution, Chief Minister Sarma urged officials and contractors to maintain a stringent timeline. By adhering to deadlines and employing effective project management strategies, the aim is to minimize disruptions to the daily lives of residents and commuters.

The Maligaon and Zoo Road flyovers hold great promise in easing traffic flow in key areas of Guwahati, thereby enhancing connectivity and improving overall travel experience for the city’s residents. Upon completion, these flyovers are expected to alleviate bottlenecks and reduce travel time, leading to enhanced productivity and economic growth.

To facilitate the expeditious completion of the projects, Chief Minister Sarma has instructed concerned authorities to ensure optimal utilization of resources, while upholding quality standards. It is essential to maintain transparency and accountability at every stage of the construction process, fostering a robust system of checks and balances.

As the projects gain momentum, the Chief Minister has expressed his commitment to closely monitor the progress and overcome any hurdles that may arise. Regular inspections and coordination among various stakeholders will be key to delivering the flyovers within the specified timeline.

The people of Guwahati eagerly await the successful completion of the Maligaon and Zoo Road flyovers, as they will undoubtedly contribute to a smoother and more efficient urban infrastructure. Chief Minister Sarma’s proactive approach in expediting these projects reflects his dedication to transforming Guwahati into a well-connected and thriving city, meeting the needs and aspirations of its residents.



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