Assam Launches eSamarth Portal to Streamline Higher Education Admission


Guwahati – In a commendable effort to streamline the admission process for undergraduate studies, the Assam government has recently launched the Assam State Higher Education Admission Portal, named eSamarth. This portal aims to simplify and expedite the admission procedure, benefiting students across the state.

The introduction of the eSamarth portal is a significant development that seeks to overcome the challenges faced by students during the admission process, such as cumbersome paperwork, long queues, and multiple visits to different institutions. With the portal’s launch, students can now complete the entire admission process online, providing them with a convenient and hassle-free experience.

One of the primary objectives of the eSamarth portal is to centralize the admission procedure for various undergraduate courses offered by colleges and universities in Assam. By providing a unified platform, the government aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accessibility in the higher education admission process.

Through the eSamarth portal, students can access comprehensive information about the available courses, eligibility criteria, and affiliated institutions. The portal offers a user-friendly interface, enabling students to submit their applications, upload necessary documents, and pay application fees online. Additionally, the portal provides real-time updates on admission notifications, merit lists, and counseling schedules, ensuring students stay informed throughout the process.

By implementing this centralized system, the Assam government intends to simplify the admission process for both students and educational institutions. Institutions will have access to a streamlined application review process and can generate merit lists based on the online submissions received through the portal.

The eSamarth portal also aims to improve the overall efficiency of the admission process by minimizing errors, reducing paperwork, and saving time and resources for students, educational institutions, and the government. Moreover, it ensures a fair and merit-based admission system by maintaining a transparent and accountable platform.

The Assam State Higher Education Admission Portal, eSamarth, represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology to transform the higher education sector. It aligns with the government’s vision of promoting digital governance and enhancing access to quality education for students across Assam.

Aspiring undergraduate students in Assam can now embrace the convenience of eSamarth, confident that the admission process will be streamlined and efficient, allowing them to focus on their academic journey.



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