Assam: GCF celebrates World Environment Day with awareness program


Guwahati, Assam: The Green Chapter Foundation (GCF), a prominent NGO dedicated to environmental causes, celebrated World Environment Day today with a series of impactful initiatives. The organization’s concerted efforts aimed to raise awareness and inspire action towards a greener and sustainable future for Guwahati.

With a firm commitment to preserving the environment, the Green Chapter Foundation organized a range of activities to engage the local community. These initiatives included tree plantation drives, clean-up campaigns, educational workshops, and interactive sessions. By involving citizens of all ages and backgrounds, the GCF ensured a collective effort to protect and nurture the natural resources in and around Guwahati.

The day commenced with a tree plantation drive, where volunteers and participants enthusiastically planted saplings in strategic locations across the city. This initiative not only contributes to the city’s green cover but also serves as a long-term solution to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Green Chapter Foundation prioritized the selection of indigenous species to ensure the ecological balance and preservation of biodiversity.

In conjunction with the tree plantation drive, the GCF organized clean-up campaigns at various locations, including parks, riverbanks, and public spaces. Volunteers, equipped with gloves and waste disposal bags, dedicated their time to collect litter and promote the importance of waste management and maintaining cleanliness. This collective effort not only beautified the surroundings but also created awareness about the adverse effects of pollution on the environment and human health.

Moreover, the Green Chapter Foundation conducted educational workshops and interactive sessions at schools, colleges, and community centers. These sessions emphasized the significance of sustainable practices, including waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation. By instilling a sense of responsibility and knowledge about environmental issues, the GCF aimed to empower the youth and encourage them to become environmentally conscious citizens.

In addition to their on-ground initiatives, the Green Chapter Foundation utilized digital platforms to engage a wider audience. Through social media campaigns, they disseminated information, shared success stories, and encouraged individuals to make environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives. By leveraging technology, the GCF ensured that their message reached a broader demographic and inspired people beyond the immediate vicinity of Guwahati.

The Green Chapter Foundation’s World Environment Day initiatives in Guwahati showcased their unwavering commitment to environmental conservation. Through their tree plantation drives, clean-up campaigns, educational workshops, and digital outreach, they demonstrated that collective action and awareness are vital in creating a sustainable future. The organization’s efforts will undoubtedly inspire and motivate individuals to embrace eco-friendly practices, preserving the natural beauty of Guwahati and safeguarding the environment for generations to come.



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