Mizoram high-level team to address displaced people fr4om Manipur


AIZAWL: In response to the ongoing violence in Manipur leading to internal displacement, the Mizoram government has taken a proactive step by forming a high-level committee. The committee, headed by Home Minister Lalchamliana, has been tasked with addressing the concerns and needs of the displaced individuals, according to a home department official.

The recent wave of violence in Manipur has resulted in a significant number of people being forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring states. Mizoram, being one of the neighboring states, has recognized the urgency of the situation and has taken swift action to provide assistance to those affected.

The high-level committee, under the guidance of Home Minister Lalchamliana, aims to ensure the effective coordination of relief efforts and the provision of necessary aid to the displaced people. With its expertise and experience in handling similar situations, the committee is well-equipped to address the immediate and long-term challenges faced by the displaced individuals.

The Mizoram government has always prioritized the well-being and safety of its residents and has consistently shown its commitment to assisting those in need. By establishing this committee, the government has taken a crucial step towards extending support to the displaced people from Manipur, who are currently residing within the state’s borders.

The committee will work closely with various government departments, relief organizations, and stakeholders to assess the requirements of the displaced individuals and develop a comprehensive action plan. It will focus on providing shelter, food, medical assistance, and other essential amenities to ensure the well-being of the affected population.

Furthermore, the committee will also engage with the Manipur government and other relevant authorities to facilitate a collaborative effort in addressing the underlying causes of the violence and implementing long-term solutions. By fostering cooperation and dialogue, the committee aims to create an environment conducive to the safe return and rehabilitation of the displaced individuals back to their homes.

The Mizoram government’s proactive approach in establishing this high-level committee reflects its commitment to humanitarian principles and its solidarity with the affected people from Manipur. The committee’s efforts are expected to alleviate the suffering of the displaced individuals and contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in the region.

As the committee begins its work, it is hoped that its actions will serve as an inspiration for other states and authorities to come together and provide assistance to those in need during times of crisis. Together, through collaborative efforts, it is possible to mitigate the hardships faced by displaced populations and pave the way for a brighter future for all.



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