Assam MLA Akhil Gogoi Denounces Recent ULFA-I Related Police Encounters


Akhil Gogoi, MLA from Sivasagar constituency in Assam and a leader of the Raijor Dal, has dismissed the recent ULFA-I related police encounters in the state as ‘fake.’ Gogoi, known for his outspoken stance, questioned the nature of the encounters, particularly highlighting the incidents in Sadiya, Tinsukia district.

Allegations Against Police Actions

Akhil Gogoi vehemently expressed skepticism, stating, “The recent police encounters that took place in Assam are doubtful in nature.” He emphasized that the three individuals involved in the Sadiya incident, namely Biswanth Borgohain, Manoj Borgohain, and Dipjyoti Neog, were former contractual workers with the Assam state electricity board (ASEB) who had lost their jobs.

Questionable Circumstances Leading to Encounters

According to Gogoi, the individuals in question had allegedly contacted their families in an inebriated state, declaring their intention to join the ULFA-I. Subsequently, the concerned families reported this to the police. Gogoi asserted, “Later, the youths were taken into custody and then the encounter took place. So, it is clear that the police encounter was fake.”

Multiple Incidents Under Scrutiny

The Assam MLA extended his skepticism to other incidents, including the shootout in Sivasagar involving Pallab Jyoti Gogoi, who was allegedly linked to a grenade blast at Jaisagar. Gogoi contended that this encounter was also fabricated. Additionally, he raised questions about the Baihata Chariali encounter involving Pranjal Das, terming it as ‘fake.’

In a synchronized response, the ULFA-I issued a statement asserting that the recent police encounters are ‘fake.’ The insurgent group demanded evidence from the Assam police department regarding the alleged links of the targeted youths with the rebel outfit.

Demanding Transparency and Accountability

Akhil Gogoi’s bold allegations call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding these encounters. As the controversy unfolds, questions regarding the authenticity of police actions and the need for transparency in the investigations arise.v



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