Assam Police Seizes 242 Grams of Heroin from Rajdhani Express Passenger


Assam Police seized 242 grams of heroin from a passenger traveling on the Rajdhani Express during a routine check. The interception took place while the train was en route from Dimapur to Muzaffarpur. Acting on intelligence inputs, police personnel conducted a thorough search of the train compartments, leading to the discovery of the contraband in the possession of the apprehended individual.

The passenger, identified as [Name], was immediately taken into custody for further questioning and legal proceedings. Authorities suspect the heroin was being transported for distribution to destinations further along the train route.

Officials from the Assam Police narcotics division commended the vigilance and swift action of their team in preventing the illicit drug trade. They emphasized the ongoing efforts to curb narcotics trafficking and related criminal activities across the region.

The seizure highlights the significant challenge posed by drug smuggling networks operating through transit routes such as the Rajdhani Express. Law enforcement agencies remain vigilant and proactive in combating such illegal activities, employing both intelligence-based operations and routine checks to intercept illicit substances.

Following the seizure, police investigations are underway to determine the origin of the heroin, its intended destination, and the involvement of any other individuals in the smuggling operation. The case underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between different state police forces and railway authorities to maintain security and safety on public transport networks.

Passengers and railway personnel have been urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or items to authorities immediately. Assam Police have assured the public of their commitment to maintaining strict vigilance to prevent drug trafficking and ensure public safety.

The apprehension of the heroin smuggler on the Rajdhani Express serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against narcotics in the region. Authorities continue to intensify their efforts to dismantle drug networks and uphold the law, safeguarding communities from the detrimental effects of illicit substances.



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