Assam Stop aall digging works: Kampur-Metro DC directs departments & agencies


In a significant move aimed at safeguarding infrastructure and ensuring public safety, Pallav Gopal Jha, the District Commissioner (DC) of Kamrup-Metro in Assam, has issued a directive instructing all agencies and departments to halt all digging works in the region.

The decision comes as part of the administration’s proactive approach to prevent potential damage to existing infrastructure and minimize inconvenience to the public. By temporarily suspending digging activities, the DC aims to preserve the integrity of essential facilities such as roads, water supply lines, sewage systems, and other underground utilities.

Jha’s directive has been extended to various government bodies, public works departments, utility providers, and private contractors involved in infrastructure development projects. The DC has emphasized the need for strict compliance with the order, urging all stakeholders to prioritize the welfare of the community and abide by the temporary suspension until further notice.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining uninterrupted services and infrastructure reliability, the DC has taken this step to address the concerns raised by residents and experts regarding frequent disruptions caused by digging works. By pausing such activities, the authorities aim to reduce inconveniences such as traffic congestion, road closures, and potential damage to essential services.

The decision also aligns with the larger goal of sustainable development in the region. By coordinating efforts and streamlining construction and digging activities, Kamrup-Metro District aims to optimize resource utilization, enhance project efficiency, and promote a cleaner and greener environment.

The Kamrup-Metro DC’s directive is expected to have a positive impact on the overall development and maintenance of critical infrastructure in the region. It serves as a reminder to all stakeholders about their responsibility to prioritize the long-term well-being of the community and uphold the principles of sustainable growth.

As the situation evolves, the Kamrup-Metro administration will continue to monitor and evaluate the necessity of this temporary suspension, considering factors such as ongoing projects, public needs, and infrastructure requirements. Efforts will be made to communicate any updates or changes promptly, ensuring transparency and maintaining a coordinated approach among all concerned parties.

In the face of these temporary restrictions, the Kamrup-Metro DC’s decision reflects a proactive and responsible approach, prioritizing the interests of the community and safeguarding the infrastructure that sustains the region’s growth and progress.



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