Assam: V&QAC Arrests Two Lat Mandals For Bribery


Guwahati, Assam – In a significant development, the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (V&QAC) in Assam apprehended two Lat Mandals in separate incidents involving bribery. The arrests took place on Wednesday, marking a crucial step in the fight against corruption in the state.

The first incident unfolded when V&QAC officials received credible information about a bribery attempt by a Lat Mandal, a government-appointed land surveyor. Acting swiftly on the tip-off, a trap was set to apprehend the suspect. Undercover officers posed as potential beneficiaries seeking assistance with a land-related matter.

The suspect, identified as Mr. Alok Das, allegedly demanded a hefty bribe in exchange for expediting the survey process and manipulating records in favor of the beneficiaries. Sensing an opportunity to bring the corrupt individual to justice, the V&QAC team conducted a meticulously planned operation.

As the exchange of money occurred, V&QAC sleuths promptly intervened, catching Mr. Alok Das red-handed. He was immediately placed under arrest and taken into custody for further investigation. The seized evidence, including the marked currency notes used in the bribe, will be presented during legal proceedings to strengthen the case against him.

In a separate incident, the V&QAC received another complaint regarding a different Lat Mandal involved in a similar bribery scheme. This time, the suspect, Mr. Rajiv Sharma, had reportedly been exploiting his position for personal gains, demanding illicit payments from individuals seeking land-related services.

With the aim of curbing corruption and upholding the principles of transparency and accountability, the V&QAC swung into action. Working diligently to gather evidence and substantiate the claims against Mr. Rajiv Sharma, the anti-corruption agency launched an operation to apprehend him.

During the operation, V&QAC agents, posing as concerned citizens seeking legitimate assistance, engaged in negotiations with Mr. Sharma. As discussions progressed, the suspect allegedly demanded a substantial bribe to facilitate the process. At the appropriate moment, the V&QAC team intervened, apprehending Mr. Rajiv Sharma and effectively putting an end to his corrupt activities.

The arrests of Mr. Alok Das and Mr. Rajiv Sharma underscore the commitment of the V&QAC and law enforcement agencies in Assam to combat corruption at all levels. These actions send a clear message that individuals engaged in corrupt practices will face the full force of the law.

Assam has been steadfast in its pursuit of clean governance and has taken several measures to curb corruption. The V&QAC plays a crucial role in investigating and prosecuting cases of bribery and corruption, thereby fostering a more transparent and accountable administration.

The successful operations against the two Lat Mandals demonstrate the vigilance and determination of the authorities to uphold the values of integrity and fairness in public service. The V&QAC’s efforts serve as a reminder that corruption will not be tolerated, and those who engage in such activities will be brought to justice.

The investigations into these cases are ongoing, and the arrested individuals will be subject to legal proceedings in accordance with the law. The V&QAC remains committed to its mission of eradicating corruption and ensuring a corruption-free environment in Assam.



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