Atmosphere of Violence, CPM Worker Beaten Up in Ramnagar


Despite the state chief minister’s appeal to maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the state, there have been allegations that a section of extremist party workers has continued to fuel the atmosphere of violence. It is alleged that a worker of the opposition party CPIM was detained and beaten up and tried to kill him Incident In South Ramnagar area under West Police Station of capital city Agartala, a youth of the area, a drug addict and drug dealer, severely beat up a CPIM worker named Ripon Mia for the crime of organizing a CPIM party.

CPIM activist Ripon Mia alleged that after the election results were announced, his shop was closed and he could not even go home. Finally, on Friday, he went to his home in South Ramnagar area and on the way to the shop from there, a young devotee of the area alleged that De Ripon beat Mia in front of the house. The image of which was caught on the CC camera Finally, Ripon Mia rushed to the West Police Station and registered a case against the young man named Bhakta De Ripon Mia also alleged that the youth, named Bhakta De, beat her and tried to stab her with a sharp knife.

In the meantime, a relative of Ripon Mia rushed to the spot and somehow saved her from the youth and removed her from the spot. According to the police, the copy of the case was sent to the Battala police station after Ripon Miah filed a case at West Police Station. He demanded a fair investigation into the incident and immediate arrest of Bhakta De



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