Attack on BJP’s Victory Procession in Ampi, Many Injured


On Saturday, a state-wide victory march was held on the initiative of the BJP Along with the entire state, the BJP also organized a victory rally in Haripur of Ampi assembly constituency But this victory procession is bound by obstacles. Attacks on activist supporters were organized during BJP’s victory march Bricks, jute are thrown.

In this case, the direct line of complaint is against the Tipra Motha party workers Moments of excitement spread. Several BJP workers and supporters were injured in the attack.

A large number of police, TSR and central forces rushed to the news. The police had to fire several rounds of tear gas to bring the situation under control Forced to shoot at zero. Then the police charged with sticks. The whole situation came to a standstill. Some police personnel were also injured while handling the attack. The police have already arrested several people in connection with the attack A lot of police and TSR are deployed in the area.



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