Terror in Tripura: Seven-member Delegation of CPM and Congress MPs to Governor


A seven-member delegation of CPM and Congress MLAs has approached the governor demanding redressal of rampant terrorism in Tripura. They left the Raj Bhavan and went to the state guest house to criticize the Tripura government on the issue of terrorism. Their frankness, the unbridled terror and unspeakable torture of the opposition in Tripura will be voiced in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. There will be a possible attempt to create pressure on the ruler in Tripura to stop that terrorism.

In a press conference on this day, CPM’s Rajya Sabha MP Elamram Karim said that the ruling party BJP has been defeated in principle in Tripura assembly elections. Because, vote splitting helped them to win. So now the miscreants supported by the ruling party are continuously terrorizing the opposition. Meanwhile, Congress state assembly MP Ranjit Ranjan made it clear that we will draw the President’s attention and seek intervention if necessary to ensure the safety of the people in Tripura.

On this day, Pradesh Congress President MLA Virjit Sinha appealed to the Tripura government not to push the state towards civil war. CPM state secretary MLA Jitendra Chowdhury said that the police are rightly arresting criminals who are supported by the BJP. But, after some interrogation, he gives up. As a result, some people are so scared that they do not dare to go to the police because they are victims of terrorism.



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