Bengali New Year Celebrations Marked by Enthusiasm in Tripura


The Bengali new year was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all over the state yesterday, with the usual fanfare. Businessmen gathered in the ‘Laxmi Narayan’ temple at Agartala, as well as in other temples across the state, to have their account books blessed by priests. Markets were filled with crowds of people purchasing mutton, chicken, and fish of various qualities. The government’s fisheries department had opened counters to sell ‘Hilsa’ and other fish, and the prices were reasonable. Additionally, cultural programs were held in the evening in various parts of the state featuring both children and adult artists.

However, the festivities of the new year were marred by a scorching heat wave, with temperatures reaching a high of 37 degrees Celsius, which is still ongoing. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the heat wave will continue for some time as there is no possibility of rainfall in the next few days.



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