BJP Government Accused of Neglecting ADC and Failing to Address Deprivation in Past Five Years


The Autonomous District Council (ADC) in India’s northeastern state of Tripura has accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of neglecting the council and failing to address the issues of deprivation faced by its citizens over the past five years.

The ADC, which has its own administrative and legislative powers, is responsible for governing the tribal areas of the state. However, members of the council alleged that the BJP government has consistently failed to provide adequate funds and resources to the council, resulting in a pitiable picture of deprivation in the region.

According to the council’s members, the neglect by the BJP government has led to a lack of basic infrastructure, such as roads, schools, hospitals, and clean water supply. They also highlighted the issue of unemployment, which they claim has been exacerbated by the government’s failure to promote economic development in the region.

“The ADC has been ignored and sidelined by the state government for too long. The people in these areas have been suffering due to lack of basic amenities, and the government has not done enough to address these issues,” said a spokesperson for the council.

The council’s allegations come at a time when the BJP government is facing criticism from various quarters for its handling of the state’s development issues. The state’s opposition parties have accused the government of neglecting the tribal areas and favoring the non-tribal population in terms of development and infrastructure.

The ADC members have demanded that the government take immediate steps to address the issues of deprivation and allocate sufficient funds and resources to the council. They also called for a comprehensive plan to promote economic development and create job opportunities in the region.

The BJP government has responded by stating that it has taken several measures to promote development in the tribal areas, including the construction of roads and bridges and the provision of basic amenities. They also claimed that the opposition parties were spreading misinformation and politicizing the issue.

However, the ADC’s allegations have struck a chord with many citizens in the region who have long been struggling with the issue of deprivation. The council’s members have vowed to continue their fight for justice and ensure that the voice of the people is heard by the government.

The ADC’s accusations against the BJP government highlight the urgent need to address the issues of deprivation faced by the citizens of the region. It is a reminder that neglecting the needs of any section of society can have serious consequences and that the government must work towards promoting inclusive development for all.



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