BJP-led Government in Tripura Accused of Neglecting Development and Prioritizing Political Interests


The Tripura Congress Chief has recently alleged that the BJP-led government in the state is more focused on the 2024 general elections than addressing the current issues faced by the citizens. The Congress Chief has accused the BJP of neglecting the development of the state and prioritizing its political interests instead.

The Congress Chief also criticized the Centre for its alleged apathy towards the problems faced by the people of Tripura. He stated that the central government has failed to provide adequate assistance to the state in times of need.

The allegations made by the Congress Chief reflect the growing discontentment among the opposition parties in Tripura towards the ruling BJP government. Many opposition leaders have accused the BJP of neglecting the development of the state and using it as a mere political tool.

It is essential for the state government to address the concerns raised by the opposition parties and work towards the betterment of the state. The BJP must focus on addressing the issues faced by the citizens rather than prioritizing its political interests.



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